It’s all about the chicken

Extra Crispy Chicken is a team of entrepreneurs who have been busy in the last couple of years starting and developing fast food ventures.

In less than two years, we have successfully supported 8 restaurants to start and develop a highly profitable business.

From the initial step of finding the venue location to managing the weekly supplies, we are here to help.


To become a leading partner in the fast-food industry by empowering our customers to successfully build reputable venues.

What Makes Us unique?

Our cooking process is what makes us unique.

Living and breathing different cooking techniques, Musher has educated himself on the appropriate machinery, spices and marinades to create the perfect piece.

By brining the chicken and lathering it in his extra secret chicken marinade, he keeps the chicken incredibly moist and adds excellent flavour with a desirable crunch.

Uniquely Fresh / Made to Order

Brining and Marination of the chicken

Preparation – use of spices and ingredients

Cooking process – state of the art machineary/fryers

Made to order – fresh and extra crispy chicken